What are the Benefits of an A3 Printer

An A3 printer, sometimes also called an 11×117 printer, is a great choice for printing documents that look best in a larger size than will print on standard letter size paper.

While these larger format printers are usually found in offices, many home users are also finding that once they experience the advantages of being able to print in a larger format, they don’t want to give up their A3 printer.

For applications where larger sizes are necessary, an A3 printer is a necessity. Even those who aren’t graphic designers can appreciate being able to print on paper that is twice as big as A4, or letter size, paper. Posters and notices are just a couple of the frequent uses for an A3 printer. Also, for printing booklets or newsletters, an A3 printer is able to produce letter-size booklets by folding. This adds a nice touch of professionalism.

Another advantage of an A3 printer is that it can print letter-size pages faster than a letter-size printer. The reason for this is that the pages are printed sideways and the wider carriage on an A3 printer can print more pages at the same time as an A4 printer.

Also, while a laser A3 printer requires several times the memory of an inkjet printer, the cost of memory has become so low that a black and white A3 printer is now affordable for most small offices and are starting to even find their way into home offices.

Another benefit, especially for businesses that still use regular size printers but have regular large format printing needs, is that with an A3 printer you’ll save time by not having to run to the local copy store when you need to print large documents. Otherwise, you end up having to modify the document to shrink it down to a letter-size printer.

An A3 printer also offers flexibility. It can print the same size documents as an A4 printer, but it can also print posters, larger graphs, large maps, calendars, etc. In the home, with your A3 printer, you can print wide photo formats, very nice screenshots, reproductions of paintings, garage sale posters, the list is almost endless. Additionally, printing wider formats for home use is much more cost-effective than having to use a professional printing service.

Whether at the office or in your home, once you use a wide format A3 printer and are able to see for yourself the convenience of larger size printing, you won’t want to return to your smaller printer.