The Pros And Cons Of Wireless All In One Printers

Everything has a good and a bad side, including wireless all in one printer. This article takes a quick look at the upsides and downsides of buying and using wireless all in one printer.


Just like all in one printers, wireless all in one printer has three or four functions in a single device. Using one machine, you are able to print, copy, scan, and fax documents. This eliminates the hassle of having to operate four machines and learn how to use them all.

Space is another great advantage of wireless all in ones, not just because they take the place of four devices, but also because they’re wireless-enabled. This means the location of the device isn’t restricted to just the length of its wire. You can put it on a desk two meters away from the PC, or you can put it in the middle of the office workplace. You can also easily transport the all in one because you don’t have to work with any wires – just the power source. You can easily transfer the device from one room or desk to another.

Of course, as a wireless device, the biggest advantage of it is its wireless functionality. You no longer have to get entangled in a lot of wires; You just have to have a wireless router, connect the device to it, and you’re set. You can print without connecting the printer to the PC, and you can also save scanned files directly into the computer without having to link it to the CPU.

Most wireless all in ones have newer firmware, making them more functional than wired devices in general. Some wireless all in ones have functions like one-touch web printing, direct webpage printing, photo editing, and online photo grabbing functions. You can print pictures directly from online pages or print an entire webpage in a single push of a button, without even using a computer.


The advanced technology of wireless all in one printers is what makes them so functional and unique, but it is also what makes them very difficult to operate. Many wireless all in ones are not very user friendly, and many people have difficulty installing them or syncing them to their computers. Connection problems are common for many users because of the wireless technology that is used in these printers.

The advanced mechanisms make the device hard to repair. Because they are new, some repair shops are unable to manipulate these devices, meaning you might have to look for a service center of the brand or model that you own in order to have it repaired. It’s just like when a model is old – there are no available parts and very few technicians are knowledgeable about fixing these devices.

And finally, when one part of the device is broken, everything is broken. Because it’s an all in one, when the printer needs to be fixed, you lose the printer, the copier, and the scanner all at the same time. Obviously, this can have very negative impacts on a business.


Wireless all in one printers are really the symbols of advanced and cutting edge technology, but they definitely present a risk/reward scenario. They can provide the efficiency, convenience, and space-saving that your business needs. But if you come to depend on them too much, you could find yourself hamstrung when the device fails.

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