The Advantages of Having a Portable Photo Printer on Holidays

Was there a time when it would have been great if you had pictures? This usually happens in the holidays when you take pictures but never get to share them because you ran out of the film, you have no access to a printing shop, or you just don’t have time at all. When you’re on your holidays, looking for a shop that can print pictures is not the first thing on your list. Instead, you’d rather spend time with family and friends at homes. It would be really convenient if you had your own portable photo printers.

They’re Smaller Than Ever

Don’t be alarmed that you’re being advised to get portable photo printers. These gadgets are not as big as they used to be. Before, portable photo printers only meant smaller than usual photo printers, but not so small that you can comfortably carry them anywhere. Nowadays, with the release of various models from Canon and HP, you can have the benefits of a photo printer in a very portable package. Most of them do not even weigh more than 5lbs and they come in sleek designs, which easily fit in your luggage.

Expect The Best Quality

These are the times when men can have smaller gadgets and still brag about them. The main reason is that they can still perform the same quality, if not outperform their predecessors despite the decrease in size. Take for example Canon’s portable printer. It can print at a maximum resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi. At this resolution, photos will seem as if they’ve been developed using film. On top of that, you can have these pictures in no more than a minute. If you go to printing shops, the best you can get is that you’ll wait an hour before getting your photos.

Batteries For Convenience

Most of the portable photo printers today are equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries. This allows them to continue printing even in the absence of an external power source. This comes pretty handily especially if you want to print pictures in places where you have no access to electricity, say, a park or on the beach. You can print a good number of photos on a fully charged battery.

Fun Features For Everyone

Some portable photo printers have fun features that allow you to put your pictures into frames and templates before printing them. This is very appealing to younger generations that want to put their pictures in postcards or calendars perhaps. Most printers that have this feature, they usually come with LCD panels, which allow you to see your pictures before they are printed. They even allow you to adjust colour settings to your desired preference. You can print them in sepia or grayscale even. If you’re too lazy to adjust the colour settings personally, you can always rely on their auto image fix feature that automatically adjusts the colours for best performance. But then again, you’ll have to rely on the software’s programming.

If you plan on taking a vacation in the next days and are expecting to take a lot of pictures, try getting one of the latest portable photo printers. You’ll never know when you’re going to need them.