Original vs. Refilled Ink Cartridges

The Cartridge Didn’t Last Long

Perhaps this is the first time you have needed to change the ink in your printer. You may be stunned with the price for the cartridges. You aren’t alone with this, did you know that printer ink is more expensive than gold!

You may also be surprised how quickly the first cartridge ran out. It takes a lot of ink to charge the print heads the first time you use the printer. When you first started it, you may have heard a lot of noises and the carriage probably went back and forth several times. It was putting a tiny bit of ink into the print heads.

Printers are sold like razors. Let me explain. Razor companies will sell you the handle cheaply and charge a lot for the blades. This is the same thing with printers. The company will offer you a ridiculously low price on a printer because they know you will be buying their inks.

But there are alternatives.

Refilled Ink Cartridges

The answer is yes. My husband and I owned a computer and printer repair service for many years. The repairs we saw on printers were from lack of use, not from the quality of ink. The customer would allow the ink to dry out in the printer, and not use it often because they thought the price was prohibitive. It cost more, in the long run, to buy more ink and have us clean it.

Printer Maintenance

A printer needs to be used frequently. If you leave the printer for several weeks, you may find that you return and it doesn’t work. You immediately may blame the ink cartridges but this isn’t the case.

In your owners manual, you will find instructions on how to keep your printer in tip-top condition. This can be achieved by using it. This keeps the print heads moist and prevents drying of any residual ink.

In your manual, it will recommend that you print a test sheet. You will then look at this to see if there are any abnormalities. If there is, the software that is loaded into the printer will ask you if you wish to clean it. You would follow the program through until it is clean. This will use up ink quickly. About 1/4 of a cartridge. This is why prevention is the best thing to do. Prevention is just to use the printer frequently and keep it covered when not in use.

Keeping Your Printer Covered

Keeping your printer covered is important to keep the dust and other particles out. When we used to clean printers, I pulled wads of cat hair out of one woman’s printer. She wondered why it didn’t print correctly. It was clogged with cat hair. She allowed her cat to lay on top of the printer and as such incurred a cleaning bill.

To cover your printer, ensure the cover is lint-free or the fluff will enter the printer causing problems.

Selecting a Perfect Location

Often people will place a printer in an area that is convenient for them but this is not necessarily the best place for the printer. If the printer is sitting near a window or a heat source, this will lead to the ink drying out faster.