Laser vs Inkjet Printer : Advantages of Laser Printers

Are you in the market for a new printer? This article will explain what you need to know about choosing between a laser vs inkjet printer and will point out the many advantages of laser printers over inkjet printers.

When laser printers first came onto the market, they were mostly too expensive to buy for personal use, but a long time has passed and they are now very affordable, even colour lasers. These days you can find a range of entry-level laser printers for only a little bit more than an inkjet printer.

Advantages of Laser Printers.

So what are the main advantages of laser printers over inkjet printers? Laser printers offer better quality and crisper text, much faster printing speeds, high-volume printing, and costs less to run. Laser printers are also great for those who print infrequently because their replaceable ‘toner’ doesn’t dry out as inkjet printer cartridges can. Wasting expensive ink and dried-out cartridges are a common problem for inkjet owners.

Laser printers use heat to bind the toner to the paper, and this not only results in laser printing being crisper and of higher quality than inkjet printing, but laser prints are also more smudge and water-resistant too. Lasers are also capable of printing finer details in text and graphics and are a lot faster than inkjets. A laser beam can move extremely quickly and because of its unvarying diameter, it can print a lot more precisely with spilling any excess ink, even in colour.

As for photos, this is generally where inkjet printers shine. Only the very best laser printers offer high-quality photo printing, although most lasers will produce photos that are still good enough to say, internal business documents, newsletters, etc.

One of the obvious advantages of a laser vs inkjet printer is lasers are made to handle a much higher volume of prints than inkjets. A laser is initially a bigger investment, but in the long run, the savings are worth it. With a laser, you have to replace both the toners and the drum, but these last so much longer than expensive inkjet cartridges do, usually thousands of pages longer. The more prints you do per month, the more you will save in the end with the laser.


So choosing between a laser vs inkjet printer should be simple if you know what you will use the printer for. The only reason I would choose an inkjet over a laser is either if you’re doing a small amount of printing, or if you want the very best quality photo printing.

For high-volume/frequent printing a laser is your only real choice. Choosing between a mono or colour laser will obviously depend on whether you need to print in both colour and black and white, or just black and white.

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