Guide To Laser Photo Printers

Laser photo printers are simply laser printers that also come with the capability of printing quality photos. As laser printers become more and more mainstream for the home user, more people are turning to laser printers for their photo printing needs as well.

But not all laser printers can print good photos, and for those that do despite prices forever coming down they can get quite expensive. It pays to do some research on which models have the best laser photo printing output for the price so that you can choose a model to suit your photo printing needs.

Laser Vs Inkjet For Photos

Inkjet printers have typically been recommended as the most affordable option for those looking to print photos from home, as in the past laser printers with good photo printing capabilities have been quite a jump up in price from an inkjet.

But now that laser printers are so affordable, finding laser photo printers for the home is also a possibility these days. By opting for laser photo printing instead of an inkjet, you also reap the many benefits of owning a laser such as cheaper overall running costs and faster printing speeds.

Choosing Laser Photo Printers

Laser printers with the very best quality laser photo printing can get quite pricey, but if you just want decent photos and don’t require high-end professional prints there are many affordable models out there (colour or mono) that come with decent photo printing capability that would please the average home user.

The most important specification to consider for quality photo printing is the resolution of the printer. The resolution will basically decide the overall quality of the print and also the available sizes that you are able to print. In general, a higher resolution means higher quality outputs and more printing options.

Choosing good quality photo paper is a good idea if you want the best results. Remember that laser photo paper is different from inkjet photo paper.

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