Does Every Office Need an A3 Laser Printer?

Every office needs a printer. However, having an A3 laser printer is a different story. A3 laser printers cost a lot compared to ordinary printers and sometimes the price difference does compensate for its usefulness. However, some offices still opt for laser printers. In this article, we will discuss whether you need an A3 laser printer for your office.

A3 laser printers are very fast. If your office needs a very fast printer that is capable of printing hundred-plus pages per minute, then you need a laser printer. Inkjet printers are slower since the printer head needs to go across the line until it finishes dropping ink. Laser printers do not need to wait for this. The fastest monochrome laser printer can print up to 200 pages per minute. The coloured laser printer can print up to 100ppm. The coloured versions need more time to perform tasks that are more accurate. Not every office needs this kind of speed for a printer. In some offices, most printers are sitting idly. Laser printers are great for those offices that always use their printers.

A3 laser printers are very bulky and heavy. They require more desk space than ordinary printers do. Most laser printers are already bulky without counting the fact that it can print on A3 sizes. Add that feature and you’re left with a much bigger printer. Aside from that, they increase the overall temperature of the room. Laser printers have fusers inside that heat up to 200 degrees Celsius. This is needed for the ink granules and paper to bond. It is necessary to have this machine situated in a separate room. If it is located in an office with people, air-conditioning will be necessary.

Most laser printers are not equipped to print photo quality. Most laser printers come in lower resolutions. Inkjet printers are capable of printing up to 9600dpi. Laser printers usually come in resolutions of 300dpi or 600dpi. Any more than that will mean another significant increase in the cost. If you need a printer that is capable of making high-resolution photographs, then you need an inkjet printer. That does not include the fact that laser printers are better when an ordinary paper is used.

The greatest advantage that the laser printer has over the inkjet printer is its high yield capability. Unlike inkjet printers where you need to refill or replace the ink cartridge regularly, laser cartridges take a long time before they need to be replaced. The only drawback in this scenario is that sometimes these toners can cost almost the same as a new laser printer. This is why most people toss their old laser printers and buy a new one instead of just buying a toner cartridge.

If your office needs to do a lot of mass printing on large formats, then you need an A3 laser printer. However, make sure that the need for this capability outweighs the price. The price of A3 inkjet printers is only a fraction of what A3 laser printers cost.