Do You Need An A3 Laser Printer?

A3 laser printers do not come cheap. So if you’re thinking of buying one of these machines, it is very important that you really need one. Laser printers cost more than a thousand bucks and having a laser printer that is capable of printing on larger formats will definitely not make the price go anywhere but up. In order for us to determine whether you need an A3 laser printer, let us first see what exactly an A3 laser printer offers.

Laser printers are generally designed for high volume printing. If you can check on the monthly duty cycles of different laser and inkjet printers, you will notice that laser printers have a greater value. This has more to do with the technology they use. Unlike an inkjet printer that prints by line, the laser printer first transfers the image to be printed on the drum. By charging the necessary particles to transfer ink, it rolls with the paper and the ink granules only fuse with those parts that are charged. This is the reason why laser printers are great for mass-producing documents.

A3 laser printers are also designed to print on large formats. To be specific, they should be able to print on 11” x 17” pages. Most laser printers that can print on Letter and Legal size pages have lesser memory. This is because every dot in the drum represents data. Because of this, laser printers usually have lesser resolutions compared to inkjet printers. In order for laser printers to have resolutions that rival inkjet printers, they will need larger memories. Having the capability of printing on larger pages means that A3 laser printers have more memory.

A3 laser printers offer the same advantages as that of ordinary laser printers. It offers the same degree of accuracy when printing. Laser printers are more accurate in printing, unlike inkjet printers. When printing using inkjet printers, there is a tendency for the ink to blot especially if the paper is very absorbent. The laser printer uses ink granules that are dry. These granules are heated up and fused with the paper so finished prints are dry when they come out of the printer.

Because of the technology that laser printers use, these printers can be very fast. The fastest monochrome laser printers are capable of reaching up to 200 pages per minute. Coloured laser printers can reach up to a hundred pages per minute. Because of their incredible speed and accuracy, these printers are very expensive. In comparison, the price of one A3 laser printer may be equivalent to the price of six A3 inkjet printers combined. This should be one of the primary considerations when investing in a very expensive machine.

If you plan to mass-produce some prints, if you need to do this in a hurry, if you plan to maximize the use of these printers, if you have enough money for this printer, then you certainly could use an A3 laser printer.