Color Duplex Laser Printer – Advantages Of Automatic Duplexing

With a colour duplex laser printer you can automatically print on both sides of a single piece of paper which makes it much easier if you need to print on both sides, and this handy feature also saves money in the end because you will use less paper and less ink. Duplex laser printers were only suited to businesses in the past due to their larger size and cost, but these days duplex printers are within reach of the home user too.

The main benefit of colour duplex laser printers is to save time and make it easier to use. If you wish to print on both sides of the paper and your printer does not have automatic duplexing, you must manually feed the paper through on one side and then do the same for the other side. This is tedious and a waste of time, and can be frustrating because you need to pay special attention to aligning your paper correctly. It can take a few tries to get it right, and this usually means a lot of wasted paper and time.

With a duplex feature in your laser printer, you simply feed your paper through once and it will print on both sides if you need to with perfect accuracy and in less time. You not only save time but paper and money in the long run because using automatic duplexing is proven to reduce the amount of ink used.

The only real downside to a duplex printer is they are usually slightly larger than simplex printers, but due to advances in technology machines are getting smaller and smaller. In the end, if you plan to print on both sides a duplex feature is a must-have feature to save time, increase efficiency, and to lower overall costs in the long run.

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