Buy Printer Cartridges Online – Low Price Options!

Many consumers worry about the cost of printer cartridges and buying printer cartridges online. They know that the cartridges represent the largest cost component in printer usage. The printer cartridges used during the life of the printer will cost more than the printer itself.

In an effort to save money consumers look for other options. They may turn to lower price printer cartridges such as third party compatible or remanufactured printer cartridges. Or they may invest in printer refill kits. Then, they worry that these choices will not produce a high-quality document or that they will damage the printer.

Here are some common consumer worries about these low price printing options.

Some consumers believe low price printer cartridge options won’t be effective in their printers. But thousands of businesses and individuals use these low price alternatives. There are companies producing the third party printer cartridges and ink refill kits for every model of printer. They follow all the standards set by the original printer equipment manufacturer. The results are as good as or better than original manufacturer’s printer cartridges.

There is an incorrect belief that third-party cartridges are just refilled old cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are printer cartridges that have been used once and then cleaned and refurbished. Later the cartridges are filled with new ink or toner. All the printer cartridges are tested before being made available for sale.

Another fallacy is that the printer cartridges and refill kits use old inks. On the contrary, both the kits and printer cartridges use new ink or new toner. Because each model of printer has a specific printer cartridge made for it alone, inks and toners cannot be recycled or reused. Also, old ink and toner can damage the cartridges or printers, so they are not used.

Most insidious is the belief that these options can damage printers. Selling printer cartridges is a very lucrative source of income for the original equipment manufacturers (OEM). It is natural that the manufacturers would say these third party printer cartridges or refill kits could damage the printers. While it is true that printer cartridges may leak or malfunction in some way, the compatible or remanufactured cartridges do not malfunction more than the OEM cartridges.

Some consumers fear that the third party printer cartridges are not guaranteed or that using the three options will void the printer’s warranty. In fact, most of the makers of these cartridges provide a 100% money-back guarantee to customers. The third-party manufacturers also guarantee to repair any damage caused by their products. In addition, the United States’ law says printer manufacturers cannot void the printer warranty because purchasers use compatible or remanufactured cartridges or ink refill kits.

There is also a question about whether these printer cartridges and printer kits print as many pages as the original printer cartridges. Many of the compatible and remanufactured printer cartridges produce more pages than the OEM printer cartridges and the printer refill kits print five to ten times more pages. Assuaging these worries about the low price options to OEM printer cartridges will allow consumers to feel confident about using other alternatives.

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