Which One Is Better For 2021?? A3 Laser Printer or A3 Inkjet Printer

Most people buy the inkjet printer because of the price difference. Laser printers significantly cost a lot more compared to inkjet printers. However, let us break it down further. If it were not for the price difference, will people still buy inkjet printers? In this article, we will discuss the differences between A3 inkjet printers and A3 laser printers.

Physical Attributes

Let us start with the most common characteristic that these printers have which is their physical attributes. A3 laser printers are bigger compared to A3 inkjet printers. Laser printing technology makes use of a drum that rotates along with the page. Since it is an A3 printer, a larger drum is needed. This makes it even heavier than normal laser printers. Unlike an inkjet printer where all that is needed is a printer-head to weave back and forth until the end of the page, the laser printer needs to store the image of the page on the drum. So in terms of physical attributes, the inkjet printer has the advantage.

Printing Quality

Laser printers used to have lower resolutions due to the memory they needed. Fortunately, most printers today are capable of holding high memory levels. However, the highest resolution that a laser printer has is 2400 dots per inch. Unlike inkjet printers which have already crossed the 9600dpi mark. Laser printers are known for their accuracy in printing. Some companies even use their technology to print “secret” marks for their own identification purposes. Laser printers are capable of printing 0.1mm dots.

Printing Speed

It is without a doubt that the A3 laser printer has a faster printing speed. This is made possible with their technology. The inkjet relies on the data sent by the computer for each line until the page is finished. However, for a laser printer, it first generates the page for printing on the drum and then rotates along with the page. There is no need for the ink to dry since ink granules in laser printers are always dry. They stick to the paper depending on which part is charged via the drum, and then it is heated by the fuser so that ink granules stick to the printer without getting wet.

Wet And Dry Prints

Because of the printing technology that laser printers use, prints are never wet. Inkjet on the other hand has no other option but to use wet ink. Depending on the kind of paper used, inkjet prints may come out blotted or wet and may still need more time to dry up. Laser prints come out dry and can be touched immediately.

Each one of these printers has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although most of the times, the cheap cost of the inkjet printer outweighs the advantages of laser printers. If it were not for the cost, most people will buy the laser printer. After all, the laser printer is fast, accurate and can take on heavy jobs.

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