8 Aspects to Consider in an All In One Inkjet Printer

Buying an all in one inkjet printer isn’t always easy because of the many models that you can choose from. This guide will help you decide which model or brand of all in one inkjet will deliver you 100% satisfaction based on your needs.

Fax Function

All in one device have multiple functions, but not all of them have a fax. Depending on your purpose for buying the device, you can choose between printers which have a fax function and others without it. Fax functionality is useful if you have many incoming messages from clients, co-workers, or other business-related acquaintances. But if you really don’t need it, it’s best not to buy an all in one with fax functionality.

Print Speed

Measured in pages per minute or ppm, print speed is one of the most important things to consider when you’re buying any printer. The faster the printing speed, generally the better the printer. Most printers have the same print speed as copying speed.


Most inkjet printers have a resolution of 600×600 dpi for black printouts, but the colour resolution varies from model to model. Some may have the same colour resolution as black, while others can have as high as 9600 dpi colour resolution. If you’re looking for a printer that can produce crisp, sharp, and full-detailed printouts, opt for higher resolution.

Duplex Printing

Duplex or automatic back to back printing allows you to save a lot of time and effort in printing documents. If you’re not printing professional documents, it’s much more cost-effective to print on both sides of the paper. Through duplex printing, you can print out 100 copies of your advertisement without having to flip over the paper. Many all in one inkjet printers have this functionality, but you still need to check because some don’t.

Copy and Scan Mechanism

Some devices have flatbeds for copying and scanning, while there are others with both flatbeds and automatic document feeders or ADF. ADF allows duplex functions even for scanning and copying documents, so some people might find all in ones with ADF a more preferable choice. However, some people either don’t need the duplex or don’t want the ADF appearance of the device.

Connectivity Options

When using an all in one device, it’s always better to have more connectivity options so you don’t have to use a computer to operate all of the functions of the machine. Some devices have memory card slots, USB flash drive ports, PictBridge camera support, Bluetooth connectivity, and wireless internet connections so you can use them to print, scan, and copy without a computer. Having these functions makes operating the device much easier and faster.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star is an increasingly important aspect of electronic devices. If a device isn’t Energy Star qualified, many consumers will reject that model. It’s a must to choose an Energy Star qualified all in one inkjet printer so that you won’t only benefit from using it, but Mother Nature will as well. Resale value for Energy Star devices is generally higher than non-Energy Star devices, too.


Of course, like everything else, buying an all in one inkjet requires careful consideration of your budget. Try to find a printer that fits your budget and contains the features necessary to satisfy your individual needs, but don’t buy a printer that contains unnecessary features. This will only inflate the price.


Whether it’s for business, professional, or personal use, buying an all in one inkjet printer should be thought out very carefully. In the end, it will always be you who benefits the most from choosing the right model wisely.

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